Rabeler Fruchtchips GmbH

Nonnenwaldstrasse 20a
82377 Penzberg

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Our aim is to provide
our children to obtain a livable environment.

Environmental Policy

Basis of our environmental policy is the long-term corporate mission statement, as defined in the corporate principles: 

We Drying Mixing und Packaging Food

  • The raw materials so naturally pure as possible 
  • The products as natural as possible 
  • The nature connected - committed to posterity

This results in the obligation to sustainably conserve the resources used.

We prefer at the raw materials used - wherever possible - the most environmentally friendly form producer. 

By integrating environmental organization operating in conjunction with a preventive occupational health and safety, as well as an in-house environmental management, we motivate the employees to greater environmental responsibility and to the continuous improvement of environmental performance.


We set these standards not only of ourselves to, additionally work towards our suppliers and partners do the same.


Organic certification since 1992

More than 70% of our raw material is from controlled biological cultivation. We buy raw materials, if possible produced and paid fairly from the local area, or in accordance with the guidelines of the farming associations in the countries of origin, without genetic engineering.

AÖL Member since 2003

the guiding idea

The AÖL members work for ecological and sustainable foods. All the way from production through processing and trade in relationship with the consumer is worth determining. Cooperation and exchange of views among members are success factors and common basis for political action.

The priorities:

  • Responsibility for the Environment
  • Nutritional value of the food
  • Society and social responsibility
  • Shaping the law
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Respect for animals



Teilnahme bei Ökoprofit seit 2003

The aim of the ÖKOPROFIT® program is to improve environmental protection through concrete measures, ie to reduce raw material and energy consumption and waste and emissions while saving money.

Seit 2006 Teilnahme am Umweltpakt Bayern

Der Umweltpakt Bayern ist eine Vereinbarung zwischen der Bayerischen Staatsregierung und der Bayerischen Wirtschaft. Er beruht auf Freiwilligkeit, Eigenverantwortung und Kooperation.

Die Bayerische Staatsregierung und die Bayerische Wirtschaft erklären im Umweltpakt ihre nachdrückliche Überzeugung, dass die natürlichen Lebensgrundlagen mit Hilfe einer freiwilligen und zuverlässigen Kooperation von Staat und Wirtschaft besser geschützt werden können als nur mit Gesetzen und Verordnungen.

Unsere Umweltpakt-Leistungen:

  • Erweiterung der bestehenden Photovoltaikanlage von 26 KW auf 56 KW und die Umstellung auf Bezug von 100% Strom aus bayerischen Laufwasserkraftwerken.
  • Teilnahme am Projekt Energieeffizienz Tölzer Land