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Baking and roasting stand for the fabrication of various special products designed according to individual client recipes. It's understood that we offer these products both as organic and conventional.

Priority is given to linseed products of various recipes. Therefore differntly rough-grinded or grinded or respectively cracked linseed is processed to delicious and coevally healthy products using a range of ingredients.


These processes of manufacture, which are specially developed by our company, are very gentle and quality preserving. While the required heating treatment the temperatures never reach more than 100°C up to 110°C and the formation of acrylamid can be excepted.

The domain of baking and roasting offers a lot of development potential for new products. Conceivable are:

  • exceptional pumpkin seed-nibbling-products (e.g. roasted, roasted and salted, gratinated with honey or spiced),
  • roasted and baked sunflower seed specialities (e.g. roasted and mildly salted or spiced)
  • cereal crunchy of various recipes (e.g. crunchy pure, crunchy plus fruit(s), crunchy „kick“ (with cacao and or chocolate, coffee, espresso, cappuccino), functional crunchy (with pumpkin seed, linseed, Jerusalem artichoke, goji berries, chokeberry or black currant).

Please contact us and realise your individual product together with us!

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