Foto verschiedene Gewürzmischungen mit Gemüse- und Fruchtflocken

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Anwendungsbeispiel Tomatenflocken in mediterraner Gewürzmischung
Mediterranean spice mix

Product: Mediterranean spice mix
Rabeler contribution: Tomato flakes
Specification: from powder to flakes, in conventional or organic quality
Description: This mixture of typical Mediterranean dried herbs and tomatoes is ideal for the making or seasoning of sauces, be it for marinades, dressings or mixed with a little water and oil as a bruschetta spread on fresh bread. This one’s guaranteed to bring those holiday memories flooding back.

Chocolate with
hints of fruit

Product: Chocolate with hints of fruit
Rabeler contribution: various dried fruit flakes
Specification: cranberry, forest fruits or mango flakes combined with passion fruit granules (examples)
Description: The chocolate coating keeps the fruit flakes crunchy. The varied flavours, textures and colours make for an attractively round composition revealing contrasting highlights when enjoyed.

Porridge dry mix

Product: Porridge dry mix
Rabeler contribution: fruit or vegetable flakes for sweet or savoury combinations
Specification: organic pumpkin flakes or apple and plum flakes (examples)
Description: Because the flakes are pre-cooked during the drying process, they can be mixed with warm or cold liquids and used immediately. The attractively contrasting natural colours hint at a product packed with a variety of flavours.

Anwendungsbeispiel Fruchtkonfekt gecoatet mit Fruchtpulver
Natural flavour kick – Fruit confectionery

Product: Fruit confectionery
Rabeler contribution: various fruit granulates or fruit powders
Specification: organic raspberry granules with fine-grained raspberry powder or
organic mango granules and fine-grained mango powder (examples)
Description: Fruit balls made of soft fruits such as dates, sultanas or apricots and syrup, optionally enriched with nut butter, coated with highly aromatic fruit granules or fruit powders promise intense natural colours and a firework of flavour.

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