walzengetrocknete fruchtflocken

Our history

The growth of our family business proves how effective it can be to have a strong shared philosophy that motivates us all. Since our set up, we have been constantly motivated by the question of how we can adapt to the changing times and, at the same time, continually improve.

Grow organically

Since 1993, Rabeler hasn't stopped still.
Quite the opposite. We've paved the way.
Growth has always been a by-product of our success. Never the goal itself.


Start of membership with AÖL (Association of Organic Food Processors e.V.)



First organic certification

Commissioning of the second roller dryer and thus introduction of a three-shift system


Founding of
Rabeler Fruchtchips GmbH by
Hans & Christiane Rabeler
in Penzberg / Bavaria


Keep moving

Life is all about change. Every new step opens up new horizons. That's why Rabeler's transformation into a sustainable company is always an ongoing process.


First participation in the Bavarian Environmental Pact



Installation of photovoltaic system for environmentally friendly electricity production
Extension of the existing storage areas

Generation 2.1

With Christian Rabeler, the second family generation joins the company


Rising to challenges

We aren't interested in 'more' — we are interested in 'even better'. And in this quest the same fundamental question arises every time: How can we fulfil the needs of our customers, our consumers and society? Every day, we confront this challenge anew.

Generation 2.2

Felix Rabeler joins the company


IFS & Plant expansion

First IFS Food certification

Christian Rabeler becomes operations manager

The new company building in Penzberg is completed & expands capacities

Expansion of the photovoltaic system & thus self-supply 90% of the energy demand

Drum dryer No.3

Expansion of drying capacities through startup of the third roller dryer


Shaping the future

With the entry of the new generation into the management, we will continue to complement the tried and tested with new ideas, and sustainably shape the future.

Management 2.0

Felix and Christian Rabeler join the management and take over responsibility for the family business in the second generation.