roller-dried date flakes, agave syrup flakes, honey flakes, honey granules

natural sweeteners

With our dried products for natural sweetening we satisfy the growing demand for alternatives to refined sugar. Made from agave syrup, honey, coconut blossom nectar or date syrup, these alternatives meet the modern consumer's high standards.
Our natural sweeteners are available as flakes (e.g. for muesli) or as powder (e.g. for convenience products).

Natural sweetners Conv.* EU Organic*
Agave syrup dried    
Coconut blossom syrup    
Honey dried    
Oat sweetness    
Date  upon request  

*Conv.: from conventional cultivation
*EU Organic: from certified organic cultivation, in accordance with EC Regulation 834/2007 / Regulation (EU) 2018/848 - DE-ÖKO-005

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Our standard cut sizes
< 10 mm
< 4 mm
Fine Cut
75% < 1 mm
90% < 850 µm
* Of course, we can provide different cut sizes if you need them!
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