various ground products: Sugar, flaxseed broken up and ground, flax meal

Special products

In addition to our drum-dried products, we offer specialised products, production processes and services for our customers in the food industry.  This enables you to expand your product range, and also outsource capabilities.


Ask us — we would be happy to produce a custom mix for further industrial processing or as a packaged finished product ready for retail. From fruit granulates combined with different seeds and cereal flakes to various powder blends, such as cocoa or flour for baking mixes.

Ground products

Using our various mills, we grind our own drum-dried products to the perfect size. Golden and brown flaxseed can also be gently broken up or coarsely ground. We also grind oil press cake from various seeds, sugar and much more.

Baked products

Here, at Rabeler, we’ve developed our own unique, low temperature baking process used — for example — to bake golden or brown flaxseed, pure or in a mix. The result is a low-microbial product with a crispy texture that retains its important ingredients by means of our gentle processing.

Talk to us!

Your idea. Our challenge! Got a bold idea for a new product?  Tell us what you have in mind and we can work together with your team to develop the perfect recipe and mix. We offer a one-stop solution to meet all your needs.

We look forward to your call!