roller dried vegetable flakes - tomato, pumpkin, carrot

Drum-dried vegetable products

Our dried products are made from fully ripe, strained vegetables, juice or juice concentrate, and are bursting with intense natural flavour and bright, beautiful colours. All without the addition of artificial colours or flavours. And suitable for a wide variety of end products.

Vegetable Conv.* EU Organic* BIOSUISSE ORGANIC*
Purple Carrot upon request upon request  
Bell Pepper-Tomato      
Red Lentil      

*Conv.: from conventional cultivation
*EU Organic: from certified organic cultivation, in accordance with EC Regulation 834/2007 / Regulation (EU) 2018/848 - DE-ÖKO-005
*BIOSUISSE ORGANIC: certified by ICB (International Certification Bio Suisse AG)

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Our standard cut sizes
< 10 mm
< 4 mm
Fine Cut
75% < 1 mm
90% < 850 µm
* Of course, we can provide different cut sizes if you need them!
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