various ground products: Sugar, flaxseed broken up and ground, flax meal

Sophisticated technology. Respect for nature.

At Rabeler our processing methods are built on a simple principle: interfere with nature as little as possible and only as much as really necessary. That's why our technical equipment for drying, grinding, mixing, baking and packaging meets such a high standard.

Our manufacturing and processing methods are optimised to ensure that

  • they are as gentle on the product as possible
  • guarantee the highest possible consistent quality
  • comply with the strictest hygiene and health standards
  • use as little energy as possible

Here you can get a quick impression of the processing technology involved.

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Our drum-drying process dries purees, juice, fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, honey, syrup and cereals dissolved in water in just a few seconds.


After drum drying the fruit, vegetable and cereal products are crushed. Here, at Rabeler, our specialised equipment for grinding, sieving and granulating gets the job done.


Liquid mixers for use before drying, and high-speed and spiral mixers for dry mixes — at Rabeler our specialised equipment makes a diverse range of outcomes possible.


At Rabeler our specialised baking oven turns out crispy and healthy flaxseed products in a low-temperature process.


Rabeler will pack your product according to your exact requirements using a wide variety of different packaging solutions. If it’s for retailing purposes, we can even do it using your customised design.

Subcontracting services

Additionally, our drying, grinding, mixing, baking and packaging machines can be leased out for your own projects.

We gladly advise you!