A special baking oven enables Rabeler to produce crispy and healthy flaxseed in a low-temperature process.

Here, at Rabeler, we use our own custom oven to produce crispy and nutritious flaxseed mix according to our specially developed method. The flaxseed can then be mixed with other ingredients such as date syrup or honey as well as sunflower protein or tiger nut flour as a source of protein.

Some ingredients can only be absorbed by our bodies when they are broken down and made accessible through baking.  Simultaneously, low-microbial products are created with interesting flavours and an appealing texture. The low-temperature process ensures gentle treatment of the raw ingredients and minimises the formation of acrylamide

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Subcontracting services

Additionally, our drying, grinding, mixing, baking and packaging machines are also available for contract work on behalf of customers. Let us know your requirements and we will work with you to develop your individual product solution.

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