Here, at Rabeler, we dry intermediate products of vegetable origin (in liquid and paste-form) by means of a gentle, pasteurising and energy-efficient process.

Our drum-drying process dries purees, juice, fruit and vegetable juice concentrates, honey, syrup and cereals dissolved in water in just a few seconds. In this process, the liquid base product is spread evenly as a thin layer in a 120 to 160°C steam-heated, rotating drum.

The product is heated only briefly and then removed in its dried state with knives as a single sheet. This process, which has been optimised by Rabeler to preserve individual product properties, requires very little energy due to its high thermal efficiency.

Because the heating time is so brief, valuable vitamins, minerals, trace substances and the original flavour remain largely preserved. At the same time, the pasteurisation effect extends the product's shelf life.  The heating process also breaks down key ingredients in cereals making them bioavailable so they can be absorbed by the human body.

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