Here, at Rabeler, we use various procedures and equipment to transform our dried products into the uniform grade and texture you are looking for.

After drum drying, the fruit, vegetable and cereal products are crushed. Here, at Rabeler, our specialised equipment for grinding, sieving and granulating gets the job done.

Our precise processing technology enables different cutting sizes and grades of fineness to suit a variety of intended uses.

Our standard cut sizes
< 10 mm
< 4 mm
Fine Cut
75% < 1 mm
90% < 850 µm
* Of course, we can provide different cut sizes if you need them!

In addition to our drum-dried standard products, which are ground from flakes to powder, flaxseed, for example, can also be gently broken up or coarsely ground. We also process sugar, press cake from various oilseeds and many other products into powder with a fineness of up to 300 µm.

various ground products: Sugar, flaxseed broken up and ground, flax meal

Subcontracting services

In addition, our mills are available for leasing by our customers such as for grinding press cakes of various oilseeds into powder.

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