Rabeler will pack your product according to your exact requirements using a wide variety of different packaging solutions. If it’s for retailing purposes, we can even do it using your customised design.

Get the right packaging for you

We package dry products from granulate to powder. And there‘s a number of options spanning industrial bulk and retail packaging. Depending on the product and usage, you can choose from Big Bags, cartons, and sacks; or customised retail packaging such as Doybags or folding cartons with tubular bags.

In addition, we are happy to accept your retail filling requests on a contract basis.

With our new system, we package dry products from granulates to powders in retail packaging designed exclusively by our customers. This applies to packaging units from 50 to 1000 grams. Naturally they're HACCP-compliant and adhere to current packaging regulations.

A wide variety of product types:

  • Dry mixes
  • Seeds
  • Granulates
  • Powders

A wide variety of packaging types:

  • Tubular bags with or without folding cartons
  • Side gusset bags with or without folding cartons
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Block bottom bags
  • Doybags

A wide variety of customisable designs:

  • Printed foils
  • Labels
  • Folding cartons in your brand design

Let us put pack a bespoke mix for your own industrial use or for retail purposes — and all in your design. Learn more about what our technology can do.


Create your own customised baked flaxseed crunch, packaged in your design for retailing. Learn more about our baked products.