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Grinding and Mixing

Individual grinding techniques

We possess the competence to acomplish the most diverse customer wishes in regard to grinded products. We have different grinding techniques such as cutting grinders, hammer mills, stud bolt mills, eddy current screener, intensive blender and coil blender at our disposal.


It is self-evident that our powdered products are free of any kind of additives. They are available in organic and conventional quality.


Drying, granulation right up to „fine cut“ quality grade, rough grinding, sieving and finally powdering with a degree of fineness of  < 3 µm are instruments to meet effectively and unfailingly the demands of our customers.


All of our drum dried products can be powdered with our grinding techniques. Following they are a manifold sound basis for recipes and powdered products of high quality.



Many-facated products for the beverage industry
(fruit juices, teas, cocoa drinks and much else):

  • pastries
  • sweets
  • fruit- and energy bars
  • spice mixtures and sauces
  • dietetic products
  • diätetische Produkte,
  • coated products
  • milk-mix-products, yoghourts, whey-drinks, quark-mixing-products, curd cheese products
  • baby food
  • nutritional supplements
  • and much else

For every product the optimal mixing system

Ample upstream systems for the production of fruit-, cereal- and vegetable recipes and the homogenisation provide the chance forconstructive product ideas. For the mixture of dried components we are using different blender systems:

  • vacuum scoop dryer (mixing and drying of trickling products)
  • intensive blender, coil blender for various dehydrated products
  • eddy current screener, flaker

Metering equipment and weighing stations for charge equitable bigbags, sacks and cardboard packaging guarantee any weight portion with targeted labelling.