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Drum drying: high product safety & efficiency

drum drying – application of the fluid mixture onto the heated drum drying system
drum drying – cooling down of the finished product
drum drying – first stage of grinding and mixing

The technique

For the drying processes we use self developed drum drying systems (thin layer contact drying systems with overhead application cylinders). Drum drying systems are using the low global and running out conventional energy reserves in an optimal way because this technique is an indirect drying technique. E.g. for the evaporation of 1 Kg water only 1.2 to 1.5 Kg saturated steam as heating medium are neccessary.


Every drum drying system disposes of four overhead application cylinders for the spreading of viscous purees and concentrates. The purees and concentrates are evenly spread as a thin film (ca. 1 mm) all over the heated and rotating drum dryer. The product dries abruptly by evaporation of water and stay only ca. 3 seconds on the hot dryer surface. The continuously processed product film  is removed by large tool bits, is then cooled down and granulated or cut to a precise flake size.


This technique allows a gentle processing of different fruit-, cereal- and vegetable preparations with  varied recipes. Equally possible is the production of functional products (e.g. products with a high fibre content).


The obvious advantages of this technique:

  • valuable ingredients (e.g. vitamins, minerals, trace substances, phytochemicals) are largely conserved and gained because the period of time thermal energy is influencing the product quality is very short and the original taste is preserved  to the greatest possible extend.
  • high product safety and a long shelf-life contingented upon pasteurisation.
  • high stability of intense natural product colours of the finished products.
  • better bioavailability of valuable ingredients for the human digestion. Many ingredients of the products need to be warmed up before being easily digestible.
  • high thermal efficiency, thus an environmentally sound production engineering.
  • continuous conduct of a case.
  • specific applicability for highly viscous and
    gluey products but just as well for low viscous solutions.
  • ideal for small output quantities, thus a highly flexible technique and simultaneously high product safety at a high quality level.

Manifold pelletizing, flake sizes and flake forms:

  • fruit-, cereal- and vegetable granules and/or flakes as ingredient and/or condiment for teas, baking mixtures, soups, sauces, dips, dressings, sweets, snacks, desserts and spice blends – without application of any foodstuff additives.
  • dietetic products.
  • mueslis.
  • utilization in mono-products (e.g. potato-instant-products).
  • utilization in dairy goods/products (e.g. yoghourt, ice cream).
  • baby-food.
  • fruit juices.
  • nutritional supplements.
  • and much else

Vacuum drying

Alternatively to the drum-drying technique we afford the possibility of vacuum-paddle-drying. Vacuum-paddle-drying is working well for mixing and roasting of products with an excellent pourability. Don't hesitate asking us about your special requirements (direct contacts to e.g. product development)

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