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Our product specials


Apart from fruit, cereal and vegetable products we are specialized in the production of various combinations, available in conventional and certified organic quality.

Corvinus Crisp®

CORVINUS CRISP® - round, crunchy extruded cereal. A taste of fresh fruit containing valuable ingredients typical for healthy food.

Corvinus Crisp® is the perfect ingredient for breakfast cereals, bars, snacks, yoghurts (two chamber), sweets, etc.




Corvinus Crisp®            


Available tastes

  • Chokeberry (new!)
  • Chokeberry-Raspberry (new!)
  • Strawberry
  • Cranberry
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Wild Raspberry
  • Currant black
  • Orange
  • Lemon

Mixtures &


Mixtures and packages for the industrial food producers and ready to consume convenience products for retailers – depending on your requirements and recipes:

  • Baking mixtures
  • Flour-mixtures
  • Bread-mixtures
  • 7-seed-flakes
  • 3-seed-flakes










Further products on request!


brown and golden colour

Linseed products (brown/golden-yellow) of various crunching fractions, or as broken seed. You may get our product mixed and packed in the requested way.





Linseed granulars

(even with fruit ingredients)

Coated Flakes

Individual variations according to your recipes:

Cereal flakes, coated with sugar and honey and/or fruits. „Coated Flakes“ are preferably made for breakfast cereals,  fruit cereals and fruit-/energy bars.

Honey-chips /

Perfect ingredient for breakfast cereals, fruit bars and many others.



Further products and special mixtures and recipes on request. Please contact our specialists for product development (contact persons).



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